We are Bureau Ruimtekoers

We are Bureau Ruimtekoers, the platform for participatory design and community art in the living environment. We achieve the long-term involvement of local residents, artists and policymakers in social issues. Will you join us?

We work to achieve equitable cities, neighbourhoods and districts

Together with artists, designers, residents, the public, government bodies and entrepreneurs, the Ruimtekoers platform uses the public space in our districts, neighbourhoods and cities to explore new ideas and directions for a more equitable society by means of socially engaged art projects. Ruimtekoers does this from within the heart of society. Where people live, do their shopping, and go to school.

Opportunities for art and culture

This is important, because a withdrawing national government means that responsibility passes to the cities, villages and districts. Both policymakers and local residents are now expected to respond to social issues and solve problems. The problem is that local authorities, civil servants, residents, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders often do not know how to tackle the challenges collectively. And it is precisely here that Ruimtekoers sees opportunities for the art and cultural sector and socially engaged artists to work with the public, residents and policymakers to achieve change.

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We are Bureau Ruimtekoers

Together with the following professionals, we work to achieve sustainable support in our cities, districts, and neighbourhoods.

Een portret van Renée Janssen

Renée Janssen

Project leader

Een portret van Pim Gerritsen

Pim Gerritsen

Project leader

Een portret van Sanne Karssenberg

Sanne Karssenberg

Project leader

Een portret van Yosser Dekker

Yosser Dekker

Director & programme maker

Een portret van Lisette Wiegers

Lisette Wiegers

Project marketer

Een portret van Margot Wolters

Margot Wolters

Marketing coordinator

Een portret van Sari Bouwmeester

Sari Bouwmeester

Head researcher

Een portret van Floortje Dekkers

Floortje Dekkers


Een portret van Robin Atema

Robin Atema

Community booster

Een portret van Jorine Roelofs

Jorine Roelofs

Programme maker

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Our programmes and projects

We develop projects and programmes within four social themes: the energy transition, climate and biodiversity, segregation and (in)equality of opportunity and inclusive urban development. Our projects and programmes have an impact in both the living environment and the cultural sector.


On behalf of government bodies, cultural institutions, and housing associations, we work with local residents and artists on participatory communication and co-creation. We organise participation in culture and heritage. We give advice on the right approach to participation in the living environment while simultaneously inspiring others with our insights.

Our own initiatives

We initiate projects and collaborations within three programme lines. In the Stadsmakers (City Artists) programme, we adopt a long-term approach to issues through art forms, in the Public programme we present the results in a cultural way and in The Academy we reflect on our approach by means of lectures and publications.

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We work with artists

We believe in the power of the imagination that artists bring to social issues. We challenge our artists to work in a participative context and guide them as they create and present tangible visions of the future among and with residents and policymakers. Are you a artist and would like to collaborate? We’d love that! Do you have a great idea and/or do you see opportunities? Feel free to contact us!

“Together with Ruimtekoers, we examine themes that are close to my heart. These include the gentrification of neighbourhoods and the networks that local residents still manage to form and maintain despite all the changes. It feels good to be able to work on these themes as a unified team!”

Richard Kofi

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Support Ruimtekoers in its social mission

From the streets, schools, and community centres, we are building a movement that genuinely works to create a fair and equitable society. We can’t do it alone. We need your help. Become a friend of Ruimtekoers for just 100 euros per year, tax-free.

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These partners are supporting Bureau Ruimtekoers in 2022

Together, we are working to create liveable cities, districts and neighbourhoods and a new perspective for artists.

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Empowerment via art and design

By means of participatory design and community art, we ensure that stakeholders have the means to be able to participate over the long term and are motivated to want to participate over the long term. In this way, we empower those involved to keep participating independently in both the living environment and the cultural sector. How do we know? We measure our impact. Below, we explain this in more detail.

Our impact in the living environment

We use art to achieve participation in the living environment and reach target groups that are not usually reached by government programmes. We motivate policymakers to take the voice of these target groups seriously and ensure the long-term involvement of everyone in the project and the next steps.

Our impact in the cultural sector

We create art projects in and with the living environment, reaching target groups that are not usually reached by cultural institutions or artist. We strengthen the position of artists by giving them the opportunity to work directly with these target groups. In this way, we make art and culture accessible and part of everyday life on a wide scale. And the more art there is in everyday life, the more resilient the sector becomes.

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About Ruimtekoers & Stichting Halfvol

Bureau Ruimtekoers is a brand of the Halfvol foundation. From 2017 onwards, the foundation chose to work on a single major activity each year which best conveyed the objectives of the foundation: the Ruimtekoers Festival. The Ruimtekoers Festival was an umbrella for various projects that all satisfied the objectives. The festival consisted of a collection of long-term projects, averaging five months, which were presented in the same weekend.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the decision was made to say goodbye to the festival as an overarching concept but to continue to organise the projects. A new concept was developed for this: Bureau Ruimtekoers. Bureau Ruimtekoers is a platform for community art and participatory design in the living environment. Bureau Ruimtekoers involves residents and policymakers in social challenges through art and cultural activities. The projects take place all year round. The foundation has the status of a cultural ANBI (public benefit organisation).

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