Drinks! Meet De Voorkamer, gruppe tag and Ruimtekoers during the Akademieweek

Ben jij een maker, beginnend of ervaren, en wil je eens kennismaken? Of doe je mee met de workshop(s) en vind je het leuk om te blijven kletsen? Maak kennis met gruppe tag, Ruimtekoers en De Voorkamer en kom vrijdagavond 19 mei naar de borrel. Loop gewoon binnen!

Are you a maker, starting or experienced, and would you like to connect with us? r do you participate in the workshop(s) and do you like to keep chatting? Get to know gruppe tag, Ruimtekoers and De Voorkamer and join us for drinks on Friday evening 19 May. Just walk in 🙂


Kanaalstraat 225, 3531 CJ Utrecht, Nederland

Meer over de Akademieweek?


This evening there will be a live performance between 18:30 – 19:15 by Olupemi Oludare!

Olupemi Oludare specializes in musicology and cultural analysis, with research interests in arts and language in society and intercultural communication. His research also interrogates the economic and political implications of arts, language, heritage, and identity in postcolonial and decolonial milieu, while contributing to human and social development.

Olupemi is also a professional music composer, and artist, and curates exhibitions on African and Afro-diasporic arts and cultural heritage. His musical and cultural performances engage intercultural communication, African (Ubuntu, Omolúàbí) philosophies, and well-being. He offers social bonding, team building, pedagogical workshops, and training services through Isokan Concepts.

Additional information:

This event is free to attend and part of the Akademieweek.

During the Akademieweek you can attend various workshops. Read more about the Akademieweek here. A master ticket for the whole week gives you access to all the workshops. A master ticket costs 100,00 euro, or 50,00 for students and independent/self-employed makers. We have limited space for master tickets, you can send an email to lenn@ruimtekoers.nl 

Week programme:

May 16 workshop with De Voorkamer
May 17 workshop with Tina Lenz
May 18 workshop with gruppe tag
May 19 workshop with CWU – Anti Gentrification School
May 19 meet-up and drinks in the evening
May 20 intervention in public space with gruppe tag

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Meer weten over de Akademie?

Neem dan contact op met projectleider Lenn. Ze praat je graag bij over onze ontwikkelingen, programma’s en onderzoeken. Neem contact op, of laat een terugbelverzoek achter!

Blijf op de hoogte van Ruimtekoers en de Akademie

Schrijf je in en ontvang zes keer per jaar de Ruimtekoers nieuwsbrief!

Laten we samen leren. Doe mee met de Ruimtekoers Akademie!

Samen met jou onderzoeken en vernieuwen we participatief ontwerp en gemeenschapskunst. Ervaar participatief werken tijdens workshops en verdiep je kennis tijdens lezingen of met onze artikelen. Zo leren en ontwikkelen we samen. Doe je mee?

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